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Kenta Kobashi return
NOAH 10/9/04 - KENTA vs. Kenta Kobashi

This isn't the Wrist Clutch Burning Hammer (aka more popular) match.  But it is just as good. 
The match started off like most Kobashi matches.  Kobashi pushed KENTA into the ropes.  KENTA starts running at Kobashi and boots him in the face, busting Kobashi's mouth and tooth in the process.  BRUTAL!  KENTA runs at Kobashi and hits him with another boot.  Kobashi goes down after the fourth of fifth boot.  KENTA now has found a good strategy, boots to the face.  And Kobashi is getting pissed. Kobashi recovers and lays in some chops.  They go outside the ring and KENTA nails a Yakuza Kick to Kobashi's face and sends him over the rail!  KENTA sets Kobashi up in a chair.  He delivers stiff kicks to Kobashi's chest. 

By now, KENTA should know it doesn't work very well against Kobashi.  But he does it anyway.  To my surprise (and everyone else's), it works and Kobashi falls to the concrete floor in the crowd.  They go back into the ring.  KENTA hits a Tiger Suplex Hold!  1...2... Kobashi kicks out.  Kobashi delivers the Burning Sword!  Kobashi gets fired up and starts chopping KENTA and throws him into the turnbuckle, FIRING MACHINE GUN CHOPS!  KENTA's chest is just about given in.  Kobashi is off a move and KENTA takes advantage with a brutal enzuigiri that echoes throughout the building off of Kobashi's head!  KENTA goes outside the ring and hits a springboard dropkick. KENTA sets Kobashi up in the corner.  He picks him up in a reverse fireman's carry.  IS HE GOING TO GIVE KOBASHI THE BURNING HAMMER?!!!  He teases the Burning Hammer.  Instead, GO 2 SLEEP II (Inverted Go 2 Sleep)! KNEE RIGHT TO THE BACK OF KOBASHI'S HEAD!!! KENTA covers.  1....2... KOBASHI KICKED OUT!  Damn... this is getting good and the crowd is getting pumped up for the action.  Kobashi recovers and delivers a half nelson suplex!  KENTA is down.  Kobashi picks KENTA up. STANDING BURNING LARIAT!  Goodnight, KENTA.  1...2...3!  Kenta Kobashi picks up the win in a hard fought bout.

Quick comments:  This was champion vs. champion.  KENTA just made way too many mistakes.  He should have known Kobashi has a weak knee.  However, a few kicks to Kobashi's head will knock Kobashi to the mat, which KENTA knew.  What KENTA did wrong was the kicks to the face.  It would fire Kobashi up, instead of actually doing damage.  A busted mouth or tooth will not hurt Kobashi.  He should have went for the knee, like Marufuji did in Kobashi/Marufuji from 4/22/06.  If he had worked over the knee, he would have had even more believable false finishes, possibly locking in the Figure Four Leg Lock or using the Indian Deathlock would have really kept Kobashi on the mat and from using running moves, such as the running Burning Lariat.  They had a rematch on 3/5/06, in which KENTA learned a little more from his past mistakes on 10/9/04, which he used to his advantage in the rematch and came even closer to defeating Kenta Kobashi.  By March 5, 2006, KENTA had captured the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Title, winning the title at Destiny on July 18, 2005 from Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Kobashi had lost the GHC Heavyweight Title to Takeshi Rikio on March 5, 2005.  So it was another non-title match.  But this time, Kobashi had no title.

You can view this tremendous match by following this link.
30th-May-2008 06:11 pm - I just woke up....
Kenta Kobashi return
And I'm feeling horrible.  My throat is killing me.  I should have went to sleep earlier.  Ugh...

And now I have a large pepperoni pizza to eat.  Yay.
So here we go.  I've did these reviews throughout 2007.  So I'm just kind of digging them up to share with all of my friends on Live Journal.  Hope you enjoy.   :)  Now... onto the review...

AJPW 4/18/91 - Triple Crown Championship: Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Jumbo Tsuruta (c)

Wow... I know about their ***** match from June 1990, in which Misawa got a huge win over Tsuruta. This is Misawa vs. Tsuruta III (IV if you count Tiger Mask II (Misawa) vs. Tsuruta from March 1988)  This was amazing (Which is really an unpopular comment, most likely because most people either dislike this match or they just didn't enjoy it.).  They started the match out with some nice strikes and mat wrestling.  The match was pretty much Tsuruta for a while.  Misawa came back with a series of elbow strikes that rocked Tsuruta.  Tsuruta fought back.  They had an elbow strike-off.  Tsuruta just clubbed Misawa in the back of the head and a sick and LOUD thud, even for the TV studio sounds from 1991 that were not advanced as now. Must have been pretty stiff. Amazing.  Tsuruta set Misawa up and delivers a standing lariat.  He covers him.  1...2... Misawa kicks out!  Tsuruta picks up Misawa again.  Another standing lariat!  He picks Misawa up again and drills him with another.  He covers Misawa and Misawa kicks out again!  How will he be able to put him away?  Misawa gets a few nearfalls inbetween there, too, with moves such as the Body Press and elbow smash.  It's the final couple minutes.  Tsuruta picks Misawa up and drills him with the Backdrop Suplex. 1...2... Misawa survives again!  Tsuruta picks him up and drills him for the second time.  He doesn't go for the cover.  Instead, he hits him with a third to ensure the victory and a successful Triple Crown defense.
**** 1/4       ***MUST SEE***

Comments:  They had such a great feud throughout the early 90s.  This would be their final singles match in the feud.  They had one more match in March 1992.  But that's another story.  Misawa/Tsuruta I happened on 6/8/90 and Misawa/Tsuruta II happened on 9/1/90.  With Misawa picking up the win in the 6/8/90 match and Tsuruta getting revenge in September, this would be the tiebreaker.  I liked all of the nearfalls and thought it really helped and added to the match and they didn't really kill the credibility of anyone's finishers.  Misawa kicking out of the first Backdrop Suplex was awesome.   I also loved how Misawa kept toying with Tsuruta and Tsuruta went crazy on him with open hand palm strikes.  Badass!  Glad Tsuruta didn't go for the cover after the second one.  I'm not sure if it would have been it or not.  But it sure added a great feel to the match. However, there were more than six occasions where I thought someone was about to lose.  So the false finishes were perfect, nothing more, nothing less.  The psychology worked in this match was very good, too.  You could see Misawa working over Jumbo's head with various moves and even a drop kick to the head at one point.  Jumbo would keep softening up Misawa's back and upper back/neck area for the backdrop suplex.  And all of that psychology that Jumbo used built up the finish and it made that much more sense.  Now I know why people call him the best of all-time.  I recommend this match to everyone.  Now days (As of May 30, 2008), Mitsuharu Misawa is drifting off into the upper card area in Pro-Wrestling NOAH.  Unfortunately, Jumbo Tsuruta passed away on May 13, 2000 due to complications of Hepatitis B and a kidney transplant.  He was a great wrestler and is still missed.  Both of these men would eventually go down as two of the greatest of all-time.
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